Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boy Meets Boy/Posting

After reviewing my past posts I realized I really need to get on the ball and start commenting more about my thoughts in regards to literature! I think it has been so difficult for me to make routine postings because I have felt that my thoughts need to be concise, informative, and worthy of publication. In essence, if I could not collect my thoughts in a unique and creative package then I opted out of making any post at all. Strangely enough, after reading Boy Meets Boy I was able to understand that such reductive thinking is extremely problematic. Thinking in binaries is not terribly wise when so many aspects of society, such as GLBT members, do not necessarily fit into a neat and tidy package with clear lines and limitations. Take Infinite Darlene for example, it would be nearly impossible to place restrictions and limitations on the complexity of her character. There are so many unique aspects comprising such an individual and reductive either/or thinking only serves to label and hierarchically classify people based on superficial and irrelevant characteristics. Overall, this book has just allowed me to see that life's issues do not have to be black or white, and this includes my wall postings. If I feel like making a completely random and sporadic post with free flowing thoughts, various observations, completely lacking direction or agenda then I need to accept and appreciate it for it is! Embrace things that are new and unfamiliar; embrace and/or thinking..

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