Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spike Lee

I just wanted to share a quick quote that ties nicely into our discussion of insider vs. outsider made by the infamous Spike Lee (who I am a little TOO fascinated and obsessed with! haha)

"I'd like to state that Spike Lee is not saying that African American culture is just for black people alone to enjoy and cherish. Culture is for everybody." -Spike Lee

I just thought this was a really intriguing and important statement that just re-emphasizes the fact that regardless of whether culturally diverse pieces of literature are written by an insider or an outsider, they can still be appreciated by all in one way or another. :)


  1. Great quote to post!
    Thanks - I really respect Spike Lee's work and have found his films very thought provoking.

  2. I really like this quote..its just a friendly reminder that culture is for everyone and every culture should be cherished and respected by everyone..maybe if everyone thought this way then our world could be a more peaceful place :)