Wednesday, February 4, 2009


After tonights class, I think I have gained a very well-rounded sense of what the insider vs. outsider debate is all about. Though I highly dislike debates as they make me very anxious and uncomfortable, I think tonight's debate was extremely beneficial in that it allowed us to really examine the issue at hand from each diverse perspective. I also think it was very clever for Deb to assign us which side we would be arguing for and against so as to put our own personal feelings aside and really find supporting evidence for our position. At the end of it all, I now understand why this socio-political debate has continued for so many years. There truly is no right or wrong answer and I think that we, as teachers, will have to do our best to make an educated and informed decision when choosing what texts we place inside our classrooms. I believe that tonight's debate will surely assist us in doing so.

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